Two years later… still processing all of this. When I first went viral, Mercury was in Retrograde. Because of this, when Mercury goes back into retrograde, I have a tendency to revisit all of this emotionally. The day may never come when I am 100% “over it”.

That being said, I do believe things happen for a reason. I do believe there is a bright side to everything. I do believe every dark cloud has a blessing. P!NK Tributegate blew open my writer’s block. It gave me an opportunity to educate the public on the state of the legal system and mainstream media. It connected me to Shirley Manson and Perez Hilton. It made me face my own fears over aging and it made me slay them. Since P!NK Tributegate,  I have written 2 drafts of a book, an album, sang on a dozen guest vocals, started a blog and a Quora page with over 1,000,000 views. This would not have happened if P!NK Tributegate had not happened.

As painful of an experience as all of this was at times… there is this feeling that it was meant to happen on some level.  So as the wires cross, subways slow down, old friends emerge from the past and old issues come up, with each and every Mercury in Retrograde I aspire to see the bright side as much as I can.


Charles Bonfante… I forgive you.

Chuck’s friends who interfered with the public apology, I wish you the best.

Supreme Court of Riverhead… I forgive you.

Judge Arthur Pitts… you too… you are forgiven for pussing out. (sorry, just because I am forgiving y’all doesn’t mean I can’t be sassy about it).

New York Post… I forgive you. Yes, even you the editor that came up with the old and ugly headline. I forgive you with every inch of my soul…because I know it’s not true. And you know it’s not either, y’all just wanted to make a quick buck.

Daniel Taylor Esq. and… you are forgiven.

Yahoo News, UPI and the dozens of media outlets who reported a story that wasn’t entirely true… y’all are forgiven also.

The P!NK Camp… your silence is forgiven. But please if you are going to say you stand up for the underdog, women’s rights and political issues… please walk the walk and talk the talk. Stay true to the message that makes you and a lot of other people rich. The fans deserve it.

This Mercury in Retrograde, I release the pain, the frustration and the tears. I am a better, stronger and kinder person because of this.

All I can hope is that y’all won’t repeat any of this with another person. That is all I ask. Please, please, please… don’t do this to anyone else. I am ready for the Universe to bring me brighter days and reveal why the hell all of this happened to me. I will still speak out and make it clear that this was wrong. I will still fight to change the legal system so this can’t happen again, but I will do so with no anger. It is all coming from a place of love and a hope that we can all maybe make an effort to be kinder to one another.

Mercury goes direct on September 22nd. Hope you can all join me in releasing any anger or hurt feelings you may have to bring in brighter days.

Love you all.