Interestingly enough… I am not the only one inclined  to give Corey Feldman some love regarding the recent Today show performance against the angry musical pitchforks of across America…


P!nk ✔@Pink
Well I love ya @Corey_Feldman and I know how much it takes to get up there and do your thing. Keep your head up and know that you’re loved❤️

(Sigh @Pink I could have used that sentiment from you a couple years ago, but I digress.)  I won’t say I loved the performance, but I didn’t hate the performance. It was honest it came from the heart.. who in their lifetime has never found themselves in the depths of hell pulled up by Angels? Wanna hate on the song and the choreography? There are currently money making acts on the Billboard 200 that are producing work at the same quality. Where are their thrown tomatoes? The song? It wasn’t that bad, it had it’s moments and was kind of catchy. The Michael Jackson moves? Don’t forget Michael was a huge part of Corey’s life. Granted, a choreographer and an outside eye could be a good move for the future… Corey does have some of that natural Michael groove in his dancing.

I didn’t hate it. I am not ashamed.

Corey .jpeg

Corey you put your heart on your sleeve, you spoke your truth. You have a performance that was honest to you and in your heart. To all the haterz and singer-shamers I say this: put together a band, come up with some dance moves, get a guest rapper and get your own ass on the Today show. Let’s see how easy and effortless it all is to coordinate all of the above while also sharing your personal struggles with the world.

I hope the haterade backfires and you get some cool cult status, like Rebecca Black. Singing is the highest form of spiritual expression and we all have the right to do it.

Proud of you boo. No one should be shamed for singing their song. No one knows this better then me.