It happened guys. I am officially 100% OK. I’m not angry anymore…at anybody. I’m not sad. I certainly don’t believe the propaganda that was spewed at me that went to great lengths to convince me I am inferior, flawed and have no business continuing a career that has been very good to me all because I don’t meet some “cut off age”.

I don’t need to drink wine at 3PM to dull the pain, nor do I want to.

I can look at the words “Old and Ugly Gal” Collette McLafferty in national newspapers and know that it has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with those who choose to participate in the culture of shaming. I can look at the pages and pages of defamation on Google and say “Nope. Not True. What a load of Crap” and not be horrified anymore.

I feel for those people who decide to put their energy towards tearing others down. That can’t be a fun life to live. My life however, after doing a lot of soul searching and trying to find a deeper meaning to this all, is a blast.

It happened. I healed. It was all of you that dropped by Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer and all my other social media platforms who helped me get there. I can look at these past two years and say “What was that shit?” and actually laugh about it.

But seriously, what WAS that shit? We are going to have a very in depth conversation about everything that happened.. but I ain’t mad anymore. Just want to make sure this behavior in the legal system and the mainstream media gets nipped in the bud. Let’s face it… unlike me, it’s old and tired.

Thank you.

I have spent the last two years speaking about my struggles in the United States Legal System in great detail, and I will continue. It’s now time however, to really take the New York Post and put it under a microscope. Both our political system and mainstream media have the ability to be incredibly toxic. The dinosaurs of these systems are slowly dying out, but they are hanging on for dear life in the attempts to breath fire into one last round of domination.

Time to slay the dragons.

MY dream is for every little girl to know my story…to fully understand that the culture of inferiority is carefully marketed and targeted to them. My dream for all women involves putting a stop to this culture and refusing to participate in it any longer.

While I was not a fan of either of our front runner presidential candidates, the most powerful moment of her entire campaign (and arguably her entire career) for me was in her concession speech…as little girls collectively watched around the country:

“And to all of the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”

I echo this sentiment not only to little girls, but to all women of all ages. That includes all the 40 year old singers out there.

Sing out. if anyone has a problem with it, fuck ’em.