So “42” the album is still not done, but it is oh so close. First it was the legal fees that was stalling the album. Then it was the “new” crisis. The day I was in court finally coming face to face with Charles Bonfante, I got a phone call from my landlord and was informed that my room mate had not paid the rent in months. That is why I settled for such a low amount of money. I had to go for the sure thing. The back rent owed was about $10,000. This was all a very huge surprise. I had to step up and take responsibility even though it wasn’t my doing. I went to housing court just to make sure everything was above board, even though it wasn’t my responsibility.  I have been dealing with this since August and I am finally getting everything wrapped up. So unfortunately, I couldn’t even think about the album… but I want to revisit it in the New Year and get it done!

Lol, I joked with my mom that I should have a career in crisis management. It was just one crisis to another. I have literally been in crisis mode since April of 2014, but hopefully this will end soon. I have been in court SO much these last 3 years that I am wondering if the Universe is telling me to become a lawyer. What does all of this mean? It can’t be coincidence.

I DO however have some pretty great music news… I am dropping a single on my birthday this year! OK, it is a year late and it is just a single as opposed to a full concept album… baby steps…. This will be available on iTunes this week. If you like electronic and trap music, I would love you forever if you could listen, share and comment!


This track is coming out on AniRhythm Entertainment and is produced by the fabulous Ricky Crespo! If you were around during Madonna’s “Erotica” years you may remember his  song “Bye, Bye”. I’m thrilled to be 2 degrees of separation from Madonna on my birthday!