Well played, Jill Stein well played. In one of the smartest moves of her entire campaign, Jill Stein is raising money to recount votes in three battleground states…. She has raised over $1,335,000 of the $2,500,000 needed to audit the votes. Regardless on anyone’s feeling regarding the audit itself, we must acknowledge the historical significance of this moment. A third party female candidate has just mobilized constituents on a national level. The fact that a third party candidate can wrangle so many people to pull together so quickly is a notable   moment in history.


Even if you don’t want jill Stein to be president, you can not deny her gangsta status.


I’m not as upset with Trump winning as I was a week ago. A lot of hidden issues are being brought to the forefront. The veil is being lifted. This could be the beginning of the end of a huge changing of the guard. In the book “Rule of Nobody” by Philip K Howard speaks of the layers of red tape that keep anything from getting done in the court system. The book theorizes that in order for the people to build a legal system that works, the current one needs to implode.

The same could be said for all of our broken and rigged systems in government. Education. Health Care. Time to grab the popcorn, this is getting good and it probably hasn’t even started yet.

If there is one thing I learned during my time in Albany is that the government on a state level in NY is becoming incredibly diverse. The changing of the guard is imminent and the old boys club are hanging on for dear life.  The good news is we are having a lot of great political discussions. The whole country is involved. So congrats Jill Stein. You do you boo. Thanks for breaking the mold.

I am excited and hopeful.