Yep. You read that right I am drunk. It is 10:30 in the morning and I am drunk as a skunk hanging out with a bunch of monks in a trunk.

TMI time: I get REALLY bad cramps on my first day of my special lady time “gift”.  Like I want to saw my own arm off to deflect from the pain of the every existence of my uterus.  There are only two things that help: red meat and red wine. That’s it. No other pain killer in the world helps. So I had a glass of wine. At 9:30. And it was awesome.

Yep. That’s all I had. And I get drunk off of one glass of wine. (This is why you guys don’t see me out and about more often).  So now that I have had a glass of wine, I am feeling fearless and I am in the mood to drop some truth bombs.

Truth Bomb.jpeg

America, you are embarrassing me.

Media: Your drunk, go home. Just quit your jobs and let the citizen journalists take over. You are sucking at your jobs more and more by the day (with some exceptions of course).

Tabloid journalists: Get a life. You and I both know you probably kind of hate yourselves. I mean who as a child says “When I grow up I want to draw a circle around cellulite on the body of a perfectly nice woman who never did anything wrong and convince the world that she should be demonized. I mean, I know 90% of woman have it, but I can make a killing convincing women that they are flawed, inferior human beings and contribute to the culture of eating disorders and cutting, but hey… it’s a paycheck…. Yippee!!!” If you are a tabloid journalist, don’t you dare ever judge a fast food worker… their job is a lot more honest. Consider getting out of your line of work and do something else.

Lawyers: Steven Dyki and Martin Kera, the two extremely ethical men who represented me in P!NK Tribute gate are the best and I now know there are some amazing lawyers out there. The rest of you…I don’t know dude, I’m gonna wait until I am sober to elaborate.

“Establishment” Politicians…. Just retire already… not that I am ageist(being a 40 year old singer and all) y’all are like in your 70’s…. just enjoy life. Do you really want your legacy to be that you ruined the world? There is a whole legion of young and hungry politicians… conservatives, liberals, greens, moderates… that truly want to work together and serve their constituents across party lines… can’t y’all just like go on an islands somewhere?

Real journalists and actual public servants. It is time for a changing of the guard. Just let Trump and The Propagandists let this whole enchilada implode, because that is what we are seeing before our very eyes. I mean this is a train wreck to watch. I can only IMAGINE what is going on behind the scenes.

This of you bashing Jill Stein: Take time to actually go to her Facebook live streams and really listen to what she has to say before writing her off. There is a shocking amount of disinformation  against Jill Stein and The Green Party right now. OK, they are kind of radical. They may or may not be the right people for the job, but they have some damn good ideas. Even if you think the recount is a waste of time, you have to respect that a female third party candidate was even able to make it happen.

P!NK, RCA Records, Roger Davies and anyone affiliated with the P!NK brand. Really? Your really going to keep ignoring this? That is the definition of insanity. You have an artist that talks non stop about how she sticks up for the underdog, is invested in politics and stands up for women’s rights. Then you have a situation in real life that directly speaks to everything the P!NK brand SAYS they stand up for and then you are going to pretend like none of this happened. That’s when I realized it was all just branding.


Look if you want to keep ignoring this… that an innocent woman was punished for singing your songs, was threatened with jail time, had to give up her home to pay legal fees, was age shamed and lied about by media sources all over the country… then fine, but please do me a favor…

Stop pretending.

Stop tweeting shit like “As women we must stand up for ourselves, as women we must stand up for each other. As women we must stand up for justice for all”.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Stop saying that because you don’t mean it.

End of rant. That felt good. Mainstream Media, Music Industry, Establishment Politicians…. just go home.

I can’t. I can’t anymore.

Thanks for listening. That felt good.