For those of you who know me well, it’s no secret I took an insanely long hiatus from performing my original material in New York clubs. From the early ’90’s to the late ’00’s I must have performed over 1000 shows. I used to be on the scene non stop with edibleRed and sitting in with other bands. There’s nothing I loved more then connecting with random people in the clubs. Some people came back to future shows, many were just popping into New York and I never saw them again. Occasionally, I would run into someone who would say “You guys were everywhere, then you just disappeared.. .what happened?”. There is a part of me that enjoyed that mystique.

Playing these shows brought me so much joy… until I actually dipped my toe into the cesspool that is the music industry. Once I started dealing with label heads (not my label, I loved them even if we argued sometimes), managers and execs in general…my passion for playing clubs died. All of a sudden it became more of a chore. So I stopped. I couldn’t understand how such a beautiful past time could be attached to such an ugly business.

It feels good to reconnect to why I started in the first place… no matter what we endure in the music business the desire to connect on an artistic level doesn’t go away… it is born in us. So I’m ready to tap into the me from the early 90’s… the girl with the guitar who was just psyched to be on stage. I miss her.

I did a Facebook Live video of “My First Kiss (Screaming About)”, the single that I just released with Ricky Crespo on AniRythm Records. Yes, I cried at the end. Then I couldn’t find the damn “off” button. LOL.

I realize… no matter how hard I forgive. No matter how much I heal.. or meditate or listen to motivational gurus… no matter how much I move on or step into a new chapter… there will be days when P!NK Tributegate makes me cry, because it hurt. Today is one of those days.

If your in New York on Dec 15th.. please stop by!

506 Fifth Ave
(Btwn 12th and 13th St)
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY/11215

I’m going on at 10:30!