Last night I made a video on Facebook Live addressing the silence of the P!NK camp. This is a topic I have only touched on lightly. I tried to brush off their silence and I want to move on…but it bothers me. I’m still not done saying everything I have to say about the matter. To me this overall story has three major components:

  1. The lawsuit itself and the state of the legal system
  2. The media having the nerve to tell the world that the lawsuit revolved round my looks, singing and age when it didn’t.
  3. The absolute radio silence of the P!NK camp, yes the brand that makes money off of “sticking up for the underdog” and “standing up for women”.  When a fan buys a P!NK song, album, piece of merchandise etc… they are not just buying the music. They are also buying the message. Their non reaction to this case firmly goes against everything they have been marketing to the public… so how much of it is actually real?

When this story broke, it was on the front page of Google if you were to google P!NK, I would come up on the first page. I had people all over the country contacting her band, record label and management company. Not one person associated with the P!NK brand would acknowledge me. Crazy. That part of it was just as horrifying as the lawsuit and the media’s decision to lie about the nature of the case.

Many days I will feel just fine and like I have moved on. Other days I still get sad. It may be something that I will need to manage for the rest of my life. So I made a video to talk about my feelings. And then I felt better. Here it is… please share my story and comment. People need to know what goes on behind the scenes in our government, media and entertainment industries… they are all kind of one in the same.