I believe in signs, symbols and messages from the Universe. While celebrity deaths are always a little tiny punch in the gut of mortality… this year hit spectacularly hard. First David Bowie, then Lemmy, then Vanity… then wait for it…  Prince…George Michael… all of whom were around and shaped my childhood and the world. They all died just a tad too young.


Why? What does it mean? Because it definitely means something.

What is even more eerie is the FORESHADOWING  of the deaths of Prince and George Michael, who foreshadow their own deaths in “Let’s Go Crazy” and “Last Christmas” respectively. Prince sings about elevators “taking us down” while George Michael sings about “last Christmas and then… DIES ON CHRISTMAS. WTF? That is some illuminati bullshit…

Then to top it off, in a year that has already shit down the collective throats of all 80’s babies… Mariah Carey symbolically tops it off with a kind of fabulous train wreck. Mariah is like the honey badger… she don’t give a fuck. She is letting us all know to just surrender to the chaos and blame the inner ear monitor of life.


I tried to meditate on what all this means, and it definitely means something… there is no way this is all not related. By the way, look at how amused her backup dancers are by how “over it” she is. Even though Mariah debuted in 1990, it means her record was recorded in the 80’s… so she is somehow a part of all of this.

I feel ya Mariah, I am over it too… you messed up boo, but I feel the same way about 2016. I would like to think your train wreck was a performance art of sorts. Here is what I came up with.

“It’s about to be chaos, mass chaos… but we can’t control the chaos on the outside. We can only control the chaos within. And only by controlling the chaos within can we ever hope to shape the chaos outside of us”. Yes, this really came to me in meditation trying to figure out what is going on with our dead 80’s pop stars and Mariah Carey.

Our beloved musicians have left us way to young because shit is about to get weird and not everyone wants to stick around to witness it. All we can do is control what we bring to the table.

We are all Mariah Carey and life is our inner ear monitor. It’s what we do with that information that matters.

Happy 2017 everyone!!!