Yesterday I was speaking with the staff of my local Assemblywoman. Beyond the legal reform aspect of P!NK Tributegate. I was speaking to her about Findlaw.com and their fake headline…yes the one that inspired this blog. She had read the actual case and knew of the huge difference between what really happened and what was reported.


Well, when I told her that Findlaw.com was one of the media outlets who reported in the fake “Singer Sued for Being Too Ugly…” story, she was shocked. She told me she had always considered Findlaw.com to be a reputable source. She couldn’t believe they went with the fake tabloid story. It’s crazy how widespread Fake News has become.

At that moment, I realized that I was doing the right thing by standing my ground and continuing to talk about this. People need to know who participates in fake news and who doesn’t. Findlaw.com not only participated, but refused to write the real story when given the opportunity to do so.  Fake news really, truly is everywhere. Pass it on.