Collette’s Law is going through some changes. It would be premature to make any official announcements, but it is still in the pipeline.

Shortly before what was supposed to be an official introduction, it was blocked by Patrick Jenkins. Jenkins is the former room mate and close friend of current speaker of the house

Carl Heastie. The organization/lobby that Patrick represents has ties to the man who sued me.


He mentioned that there were concerns about the impact my law could have on low income communities. Fair enough. That is the last thing I would want. However when asked for specific examples, they did not give any.They had no alternatives to  offer. I was told that they requested to see the bill, after blocking it.

It was very frustrating because instead of seeing my bill introduced, they merely introduced me to the Assembly Floor, but said nothing about my experiences in the legal system. I would invite Patrick to read my case line by line, in front of me in the same room and tell me he stands behind his decision to block “Collette’s Law”. Patrick Jenkins, congrats, you are the proud recipient of the First Annual Beyonce Side Eye Sandwich Award. Meat of the sandwich courtesy of



What I realize is I am not going up against a broken system, I am going up against a rigged system. One lawyer said to me, “The system screws over innocent people everyday and no one cares”. Boom. So we will see what happens. I have been up against constant stonewalling over the last two years. It’s exhausting. But at least when I check out and go to meet my maker, I can say I tried to make a difference.

With all the truly catastrophic things going on in our political system, it’s hard to say if the legal system is even on anyone’s radar who hasn’t been through the nightmare.

Time will tell, but Patrick I openly challenge you to get up in front of The Assembly, read excerpts from the 112 page complaint against me in front of everybody and then look me in the eye and tell me the legal system works.