I recently started working on my once neglected Youtube channel. I decided to go more in depth to talk about my experiences with the media and the “fake news” element of P!NK Tributegate.

Fake news is a hot button topic and it is everywhere. While I love blogging and writing, sometimes it’s hard to get the full picture of the story without the inflection of the human voice. Now that the lawsuit is over and “Collette’s Law” is making some traction, I still feel a strong urge to keep exposing the media aspect of this story. So much of what we consume in media is blatantly false, yet has such an influence on our society.

I’m revisiting my album “42”. When I started on it almost two years ago it was just a collection of songs. The album is going to have more of an emphasis on my overall journey with the legal system and media. I’ll be posting some songs and snippets over there. Come join me!